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AMBSO in a Research Partnership with CDC and RHSP to implement a COVID-19 Population Study

The emergence of a new virus means that, understanding transmission patterns, severity, clinical features and risk factors for infection is often limited at the start of an outbreak. To address these unknowns, Innovative Investigation Protocols have to be put together and implemented for the bigger public health benefit.


This year, so far 5 AMBSO Abstracts have been accepted for presentation

AMBSO’s scientific publication arm is growing at a terrific speed. Recently, a number of abstracts were submitted, majorly targeting the 2020 International AIDS Society and the 2020 INTEREST Conferences.


AMBSO’s Research Activities Alive, despite the COVID-19 Scare!

In our generation there has not been a precedent to the Corona virus pandemic. Therefore, even the sharpest brains that mostly trade in the research field never fore saw a catastrophe that would even freeze Field research activities to this tune of events.