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Collaboration with Karolinska Institutet (KI)

Collaboration with the Global and Sexual Health Research Group, Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden


On 23rd September 2019, KI signed a Memorandum of Understanding which officially opened up a Research Collaboration between the two institutions. The collaboration is meant to be long-term and is set to combine high quality research with capacity building thereby laying the ground for new projects, grants and joint PhD students’ exchanges.

The areas of Research include HIV and other Communicable diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases and nutrition; Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Mental health and Illicit drug research and Gender-based violence.

The Collaboration is also set to achieve the following goals;

  • Provide research experience during the planning and designing of AMBSO’s study protocols under this collaboration.
  • Support the data analysis processed and eventually collaborate on publications and abstracts to share the scientific knowledge of the research.
  • Sharing and discussing progress of AMBSO studies and other program activities and generally contribute to the growth of AMBSO
  • Write joint funding applications in areas of interest to both institutions.
  • Capacity building such as joint student supervision, course work or workshops.

AMBSO’s ongoing Projects with KI

  • Quality of life, mental health, alcohol and illicit drug use in an urban and semi-urban population
  • Gender-based violence- life-time prevalence, association with sexual and reproductive health, quality of life and determinants of perpetration
  • Non-communicable diseases- risk factor prevalence, association with urbanicity and nutrition
  • Adolescent sexual and reproductive health including risk of HIV

Our KI Collaborators


Prof. Anna Mia Ekström, MD, MPH, PhD,

Collaboration Lead at Karolinska Institutet (KI)

Anna Mia is a Clinical professor in infectious disease epidemiology focusing on HIV and leader for the Global and Sexual Health (GloSH) research group at the Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet (KI). She has 20 years of experience of implementation research and managing large research project with multiple partners in Africa and Europe. She has also been involved in capacity building in Uganda through the Sida-supported PhD sandwich program between KI and Makerere University. Prof. Anna Mia was the KI lead in establishing the AMBSO-KI partnership through her long-term research relationship with the founders of AMBSO. She is currently a lead Investigators on several AMBSO Research Protocols.


Anna Kågesten, MPH, PhD

Dr. Kågesten is an Assistant professor in Global sexual and reproductive health and has 10+ years’ experience in the design and implementation of mixed-methods research on SRHR including GBV and gender norms in SSA (e.g. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa) with focus on young people. She is currently analyzing AMBSO’s GBV data for a possible manuscript and is also collaborating to put together a number SRHR grants with AMBSO.   


Anna-Clara Hollander, PhD

Dr. Anna-Clara Hollander is a researcher and clinical psychologist. She is also an expert on migrant mental health, global mental health, psychiatric epidemiology among migrants and refugees. Her Research focuses on studying how refugee-experiences and migration affects psychiatric morbidity and mortality and utilisation of psychiatric care.


Susanne Rauitainen, MSc, PhD

Susanne is an epidemiologist, with a research focus on vulnerable populations (pregnant women, children, adolescents, and older adults in resource-poor settings) in Africa, Europe and the Americas. She is expert on observational studies, large-scale randomized controlled trials of different designs, scopes, and stages of completion within public health both infectious and NCDs, and has recently worked with AMBSO on putting together a number of Research grants that have been submitted for funding.


Leo Ziegel, MD

Leo is a junior doctor at the Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders working with patients suffering from substance use disorders, and interested in Mental Health Research. Leo is currently collaborating with AMBSO on a qualitative data-driven manuscript from AMBSO’s mental health data  


Katarina Århem Johansson, MD

Dr. Katarina is a specialist in Infectious Diseases with 15 years of clinical experience of infectious diseases in Sweden, Ethiopia and Uganda. She is currently living in Uganda and from time to gives on-site support to the Research programmes as AMBSO as well Making KI’s presence felt at AMBSO on all fronts.


Helena Nordenstedt, MD, PhD

Helena Nordenstedt is a medical doctor specialist physician in internal medicine who has worked for Medicine Sans Frontieres in multiple countries. Her research focus is on cardiovascular disease and other non-communicable diseases in poor resource settings as well as communication and health systems effects of outbreaks in particular Ebola infection. She also works for the Gapminder Foundation.


Mariano Salazar, MD, PhD

Dr. Mariano has 10 years of research experience on GBV, gender norms; in particular masculinities in relation to GBV and mental health.