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Gender Based Violence Programming at AMBSO

Gender-Based Violance (GBV) prevention and response programmes is one of the programs we provide at AMBSO.


Our GBV team posing for a photo

Monthly series of capacity strengthening sessions are held with the CAs to strengthen  community engagement for awareness and fight against GBV and HIV/AIDs and lines of communication are opened to the CVs at all times to contact the Programme officers whenever they have a need.

The program is currently being implemented in Wakiso district and covers areas of Nansana West 2 A and B, Kazo Central 1&2, Lugoba 1 &2, Muganzirwazza 1&2, Kakooge and Sentema villages.


Although the program is still at a “start phase”, of the SASA!, the accomplishments so far lie in the ability to drive change through innovative advocacy and to assist policy coordination, incorporating several different mandates to achieve a transformed society.

The Pie Chat Showing Men, Women And Women Reached In Both Kazo And Ssentema By The Community Activists By 2019

Gender Based Violence Programming (GBV)

In March, 2018, AMBSO established a Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention and response program as one the services that the organization offers to the communities.

The goal of the GBV Program is to create awareness and establish community- led action against GBV and HIV/AIDS, and also contribute to the National Policy on Elimination of Gender-Based Violence in Uganda (2016), and the International commitments which support efforts to address GBV.

The program adopted use of the SASA! Methodology geared at uniting efforts across community systems to foster GBV prevention and response activities. The methodology employs the following strategies;.

  • Local Activism
  • Communication Materials
  • Training
  • Advocay

Through the GBV programming, AMBSO is currently working with a number of community stakeholders including;.

  • Community Leaders
  • Policy Officers
  • Religious Leaders

At the center of the implementation of the SASA! Methodology is a unique group known as “Community activists”. These are systematically identified from the communities and trained as the key players during the implementation of the intervention.

The Community Activists are enflamed to reflect on their behaviors and attitudes towards GBV and are also equipped with skills to respond to cases of violence.


GBV SASA! Methodology

Some of the Pictures from one of the SASA training methodology conducted at AMBSO. This was offered to community stakeholders including Community leaders, Police officers, Religious leaders were oriented to support the field activities;