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Study Title:

Characterization of Tobacco use and its associated factors among youths (15-30 years) in urban setting. A cross sectional study in a population-based cohort in Wakiso, Uganda.


Center for Tobacco Control in Africa

Principal Investigator:

Daama Alex

About the Study

The study is a cross-sectional mixed method design nested in AMBSO Population Health Surveillance hinging on the background of the young people being considered extremely vulnerable to non- communicable diseases especially due to tobacco use and related risk factors. The study is meant to fill the gap of limited data showing why youths are taking up the smoking habit and also provide information on control interventions that are tailor-made to this particular population group.

The Research Aim

The study aims at determining the prevalence and factors associated with tobacco use among youths aged 18-35 years as well as explore motivators for continued use and or cessation. This aim is based on background data that shows 3.21% of youths current being smokers in Wakiso district.  

Research Approach

The study is meant to analyze Data from the AMBSO Population Health Surveillance to determine prevalence of tobacco use among youths using a Mixed-methods approach including quantitative and qualitative research designs.

Qualitative data using in-depths interviews is also being collected among participants who report continued tobacco use and those that reported having stopped. Additionally, Key Informant interviews with tobacco control intervention implementers, are also being conducted.