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Clinical Research at AMBSO

AMBSO conducts both Quantitative and Social Behavioral Sciences research with an aim of providing information to prevent and treat diseases that cause illnesses and death. Information from AMBSO’s clinical and population-based research is meant to support policy fomulation at both national and international levels, and to design of evidence-based interventions for better health care outcomes.

The Prostate Cancer Research

Through the Uro Care/AMBSO partnership, AMBSO is currently leading the implementation of a Case-control prostate cancer clinical study titled “Genetic Susceptibility of Prostate Cancer among African Men”. Before hosting this study at AMBSO, Uro Care has been conducting the Prostate Cancer study at a number Uganda Hospitals since 2009.

  • Partnership and Collaboration on the Study: 

    For over the years, the prostate cancer study has been funded through a partnership with the University of Southern California, using funds from the National Institutes of Health (PIs; Christopher Haiman - US and Stephen Watya - UG).

  • Study Sites:

    The study was originally conducted under Makerere Univesrity School of Public Health with one research site, i.e Mulago Hospital. The study is currently implemented by AMBSO and hosted at Uro Care Hospital (the facility that houses the AMBSO offices) and also extended to Kagando, Kiwoko, Kisubi, Kiruddu and Mengo and other hospitals.


The AMBSO Research Team.

  • The Data that is collected:

    Together with Uro Care, AMBSO has put up a new Prostate Cancer research Protocol entitled ‘Understanding prostate cancer in men of African ancestry” with new epidemiological aims. The protocol has been submitted to the IRB of record for review.
    The new aims in the new protocol include;
    1. Determining the population susceptibility of prostate cancer.
    2. Validating rapid kits for PSA testing.
    3. Prostate cancer disease progression by drawing blood from a sample of cases to look at the circulating tumor

Pictures showing An inaugural training for staff to engage in the Prostate cancer study'