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Collaboration with UROCARE LTD


AMBSO holds a working collaboration with URO CARE Ltd which creates a good blend of specialized clinical care, community services and research. URO CARE has provided a key role of organizational establishment, capacity building for the community service and research team,  and  has provided numerous collaborative opportunities for clinical research. The collaboration enhances skills development within the two entities through joint continuous medical Education (CME) sessions and the sharing of information from various clinical and research findings.

The surgical expertise established under URO CARE Ltd complements the AMBSO community services such as voluntary Medical Male Circumcision. This has led to consistent quality outcomes, and the ability to train other institutions in skills such as device-based circumcisions (Shang Ring and Mogen clamp), and emergency resuscitation.

AMBSO and URO CARE Ltd have supported national level VMMC and early infant Male circumcision programs through consultancies to develop curriculums and guidelines. This has been done in collaboration with URO CARE, where the urological expertise has been of high value.

Key Partners

Dr. Stephen Watya (ED)

He the lead consultant of the AMBSO consultancy component.

Dr. Amanya Colline

Supports capacity building through clinical training of service providers and CMEs for the staff.

Dr. Mbaaga Kigongo

Supports capacity building for the program teams CMEs and and giving advice on clinical activities.

In the overall anticipated outcomes vested in the vision; “Dedicated to quality living through provision of low cost, high volume and quality specialized care, research, training and innovative community based services”, strong ties  of the two organizations will bring forward optimal benefits to the population, academia and scientific domain.